Fateless has community at its heart. We are driven by the belief that destiny is not predetermined. We strive to create engaging experiences that will bring players together from around the world to enjoy new challenges and adventures together. In an online world where players from around the world connect and play together, we know that community is the beating heart of any game…

We are a dynamic game development company based in the United Kingdom. Founded by the visionary minds of Simon Lockerby (Hellhades), Dan Francis (Phixion), and Hisham Saleh (Sham), our primary objective is to create thrilling and captivating games that place the community at the forefront of our endeavors.

We create immersive and inclusive gaming experiences that empower players to forge their own paths. By fostering a strong community and providing a platform for players to connect and collaborate, we aim to bring people together from around the world to embark on thrilling adventures.

At Fateless, we believe in the power of player agency and the ability to shape one’s own fate. Together, we can create a future that is truly fateless, where the only limit is imagination and the choices we make. Join us on this exhilarating journey and discover the boundless potential of forging your own path.



We are preparing the official announcement of our first game project – A new community-driven, unique and genre-defining RPG Hero Collector.  We’ve built a team of passionate developers and industry experts and we have poured our creativity and expertise into crafting a gaming experience that will redefine the genre. The fusion of immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay mechanics, and will create an unparalleled gaming experience that we’ve all been waiting for.

Stay tuned for our official announcement, as we embark on this exciting journey together, shaping the future of gaming. Make sure you follow us on socials and join our community discord. If you are interested in supporting our growth and seeing behind-the-scenes information then you can join our Patreon where we are posting regular updates on our development.

We will be sending out regular updates to our mailing list so be sure to sign up to stay up to date with our development. You can also join our socials and Patreon for more information about the development of our game.

Our Journey.

Every great story has a beginning.

Every great game company started somewhere and we want to share our journey with our community. We will be sharing all the steps that we take on a regular basis through our different channels to keep you involved in every step of the development process. Great games should be driven by what the community wants and that is why we are bringing you along for the ride.

Stay up to date with the latest information from Fateless and the projects that we are working on through our social media accounts. We want to build games and creations with the community at their heart, so join us now.


Very few things in life come for free, and this is especially true in the gaming industry. We are funding the creation of Fateless, mostly, through our own means. Creating a Patreon for members of the community to contribute will allow us to have more flexibility and speed up our development. We post exclusive, behind-the-scenes information on our Patreon.


Fateless was born through a community of players who love to share online experiences. Join our community discord now to get involved in the discussion of our projects.

Join Us.


Unfortunately, there is nothing “cheap” about the games industry, nor would we want to cut corners with our development. We are funding most of the project through our own resources, however, if you would like to get involved and help support the development of our game then please check out our Patreon.

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Our Team.


Our team came together through a love of gaming, building communities, and creating content. We have been running some of the largest communities in the world for our games for the past 3 years and have come together to found Fateless and start making games for the community, with the community.

“My community asked us to create our own game that put players and their enjoyment first. I have never wanted to deliver on a request more!”

Simon Lockerby – HellHades

“Together, let’s create unforgettable adventures that will echo in the hearts of our community, and gamers for generations to come.”

Hisham Saleh – Sham

“Communities turn games into unforgettable experiences and build life-long bonds. Creating a world that inspires relationships between players around the world is at the heart of Fateless.”

Dan Francis – Phixion



If you would like more information about Fateless and the projects that we are working on please do not hesitate to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help you with any questions that you may have.